Ending Prolonged Solitary Confinement: Mariposa & the Saint - at Boston City Hall

Boston City Councilor Andrea J. Campbell & Prisoners’ Legal Services Present:

Mariposa & the Saint
Thursday, MARCH 23, 2017
Ianella Chamber
5th Floor, City Hall

Ending Prolonged Solitary Confinement:

Longtime friends and current collaborators, Sara (Mariposa) Fonseca and Julia Steele Allen, have written a play through the prison wall. Over the course of three years, crafted only by letters, they produced a story that is urgent, emotional and profound. 

Now, from inside the isolation of solitary confinement, Mariposa speaks directly to an audience. Her words will change you. Join co-writer Julia Steele Allen for a performance of this play followed by a discussion with advocates, activists, formerly incarcerated individuals, and their families. Learn how you can help end the torture of prolonged solitary confinement.

“Mariposa & the Saint is stunning - it speaks to the profound inhumanity and torture of solitary confinement as well as the incredible resilience of the human spirit. Mariposa’s story is one I now carry with me in a visceral and alive place. I believe the boldness with which it is shared in Julia’s performance, will open hearts to the moral necessity of ending the torture of solitary. This is a must-see, and a must-share. And it will stir a must-respond from all who encounter it.” -Rev. Laura Markle Downton

For more information, and video preview, visit http://www.juliasteeleallen.com/portfolio/mariposa/ or visit www.plsma.org/Mariposa. You may also contact Lizz Matos, Prisoners’ Legal Services, at lmatos@plsma.org.

For questions concerning directions, space accesssibility, or anything else, please contact Councilor Campbell's office at 617-635-3131.