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#AmendXlll Series 2 - Reclaiming Our Independence Our Else: #StuckOnReplay

  • Mosque no. 11 10 Washington St. Dorchester MA (map)

It is universally known that African-Americans interactions with the criminal justice system is greater than any other demographic in this country. Figures have steadily shown African-Americans are stopped and searched, arrested, convicted, and sentenced to harsh penalties under what has been branded as facially neutral laws.

We at Stuck on Replay have been discussing this issue with communities who have been most impacted by the disparities in the system. We have been committed to sharing with them how the structure and inequalities seen in the criminal justice system serve to exacerbate the inequalities that are already prevalent and our society, and are in fact deep end by them.

Just as the institution of slavery could not have grown without legislative measures that had allowed for it to be practiced throughout this country, the mass incarceration of African-Americans today could not exist without the enforcement of "color - blind" discriminatorily administrative as openly as any time in this country's history. 

It is the contention of #StuckOnReplay that the 13th Amendment exception clause is the principal provision which has contributed to the systematic subjugation of black people in this country. 

It is our organizational goal to create a replicable model in the state of Massachusetts to petition are elected representation to exercise their power to introduce a joint resolution to resend the exception Clause from the 13th amendment by petitioning for and immediate repeal. 

As part of our organizing efforts, we are again hosting another free public event on May 13th, 2017. Here we will be showing the documentary 13th where we will seamlessly incorporate speakers and whole panel discussions to magnify 3 aspects of the film: 

1. The methodical efforts used to create the criminal stigma now commonly associated with African Americans today.

2. How the stigma led to the legislation which has unevenly landed generations of African-Americans within the criminal justice system.

3. How to intersection of African Americans in the criminal justice system has not just impacted them individually, but it has done to our families and communities.

#StuckOnReplay has been invited to speak at the "Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March" taking place on Saturday, August 19th, from 9 am - 5 pm. We are taking the lead in recruiting members throughout the Greater Boston Area to JOIN US as we represent Boston and OUR brothers and sisters behind the wall.

Lastly, during this event we will also be formulating another 100-day action plan which will include: social media campaigning, Community engagement, fundraising comma involvement of public officials, etc.

We ask that you take an active part in our solution based approach toward dealing with the issue of mass incarceration, by STANDING UP,  ELEVATING OUR VOICES, AND TAKING ACTION to put an ends to the viscous cycle which continues to oppress and marginalize our Bothers and Sister who are, unfortunately, #StuckOnReplay.