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Stand out for Justice - Families for Justice as Healing

Boston Municipal Court

Stand with us to demand that District Attorneys dismiss EVERY tainted conviction from the Drug Lab scandals. Show solidarity with our community members in court on drug charges.

Our communities have paid the price for the War on Drugs. The Drug Lab scandals are one more example of ongoing abuses of power, corruption, and misconduct that cause suffering. 

Over 40,000 people were convicted with false evidence on drug charges. People and their families endured the trauma of jail, loss of public benefits, deportation, and the struggles of having a drug conviction on their CORI. The first step toward justice is full dismissal. The next step is reparations for Drug Lab scandal victims.

If you have a drug conviction between the years of 2003-2011 and want to know if your case was affected, visit: For support with your Hinton Drug Lab case, you can call (617) 445-7581

In January the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that by April 18, district attorneys must produce a list of all the cases they plan to dismiss and a list of cases they wish to re-prosecute. 

WE DEMAND THEY DISMISS 100% of the TAINTED CONVICTIONS! We must keep up the pressure; it's more important now than ever to raise our voices for justice. 

We need healing, housing, and treatment. It's time to end arrests, prosecutions, and incarceration for drug charges.

Bring signs! 
*People over proseuctions
*Dismiss the tainted convictions!
*Justice delayed is justice denied
*40,000 convictions, 0 justice
*Dismiss now, reparations next!
*DA Conley: stop caging drug users!
*Hold prosecutors accountable!
*Protect people, not prosecutions!
*Healing, housing, treatment NOW